Volvo On Call Service Required: Causes & Fixes

After starting my car, I remember driving my Volvo S60 and seeing the “On Call – Service Required” message on the cluster.

Although nothing seemed to affect the car’s drivability, I was curious to understand the meaning and implication of the message.

The 2020 Volvo manual describes the On-call feature as an extra security and assistance feature to help owners via SOS in an emergency.

However, the system may malfunction, causing severe discomfort. We have compiled this article to discuss the meaning, causes, and fixes for the Volvo On Call Service Required.

What Is Volvo On Call Service Required

The Volvo On Call (VOC) service required is a warning message that comes up when the VOC feature malfunctions. 

As stated earlier, the VOC feature allows Volvo users to communicate easily with their vehicles through other devices. 

Furthermore, the On Call connects to the vehicle safety and alarm system, security lock, and other security systems.

It integrates a modem for communicating with the customer care service and On-call app. 

In addition, in case of emergency, the On Call system, through a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), can be used to locate the car.

Once you see the service warning message, the VOC feature becomes unavailable. 

We recommend fixing this issue immediately for safety and security reasons. 

Causes Of Volvo On Call Service Required

Below are some factors that could cause a Volvo on-call service required. 

1. Bad fuse 

2. Wiring problem 

3. Software issue

4. Faulty computer module 

5. Low battery 

How To Fix Volvo On Call Service Required

The first step to fixing your VOC service required issue is to have a proper diagnosis done.

As we know, a few factors can cause the problem, and if you do not want to replace a perfect working component in your car, you could scan your vehicle for error c if you have a diagnostic tool mode. 

Search for error codes that could be related to the causes listed above. Then you can move on to the next step of fixing. 

Below are the ways you could fix a Volvo on-call service required issue. 

1. Bad fuse fix 

One of the most common causes of this issue is a bad fuse. The fuse has the function of breaking the current flow in case of excessive current. When the fuse is bad, it could stop current from reaching the electrical component in the car. 

Since the VOC is an electrical component, it has a fuse. All you need to do is find the fuse and examine if it is damaged. If the fuse is damaged, change it immediately.

You can find the VOC fuse in the fuse box, which could be located under your car’s hood at the passenger’s side. You can consult your vehicle’s manual to find the exact fuse that belongs to the VOC or ask for professional help. 

2. Wiring problem 

Another common problem is electrical wiring. Once the electrical wiring powering the VOC is damaged, it will not function.

One way to solve this problem is to find the electrical wiring responsible for powering the VOC. Doing this could sometimes be tricky as many times you may not find it in the manual; you might need professional help. 

Once you can find the wires, examine for corrosion, disconnection or other forms of damage. Once you see what damage is done to the wire, fix it appropriately. 

If you have a corroded or broken connection, it is best that you replace the wires. Try to fix the damaged wire. 

3. Software issue

If your VOC has a software issue, you need to reprogram or reset the system. By resetting the system, you clear all existing system issues, and it can go back to the default setting, allowing it to work correctly.  

4. Faulty computer module 

Another problem that could cause a VOC service required is a faulty ECM. The ECM is responsible for many things in the vehicle, including the VOC. When it is faulty, it will affect the proper working of the system. 

To fix this issue, you need to determine the problem affecting the ECM. It could be a software problem, wiring, or damaged ECM.

If the ECM has a wiring issue, you may need to reprogram it. If the ECM is damaged, you might need to replace it immediately. If you do not, it will affect other essential components in the car.   

5. Low battery 

When you have a low battery, this means that enough electrical current is not going to essential components and modules. It either makes these components misbehave or does not work at all. 

If faced with this problem, try and charge your car’s battery. You could also examine the battery wires for the battery and have it replaced if damaged.

Sometimes, the battery is damaged and may need to be replaced. It may be the case when you keep charging, and the same problem continues. 

Final Thoughts!

The Volvo on-call service required is quite tricky to fix. It is because it is difficult to diagnose the cause of the problem. 

If you try to fix a Volvo on-call service required and the message keeps popping back up, you may need professional help. You should visit the nearest Volvo dealer and explain the problem to them. They have it fixed in no time.

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