What is an SRS fuse? (Explained)

SRS stands for supplemental restraint system. It is the system that controls the airbags. The SRS fuse is the fuse connected to the system and to the airbags. Never ignore an SRS warning light.

What is an SRS fuse meaning?

Every automobile has an airbag system. The airbag system has sensors that detect when there is a collision. Depending on the intensity of the collision, the airbag system will set off the airbags to protect the driver and passengers. 

Another name for the airbag system is the SRS system or the supplemental restraint system. The SRS system is always on. It is a passive system designed to monitor the vehicle at all times. 

Like any other system, it can glitch or break down. When there is an issue with the SRS system, an SRS warning light appears on the dashboard. One of the most common issues with the SRS system is fuse breakage. The SRS fuse is in the fuse box, with all the other fuses in the vehicle.

If the SRS fuse stops working, the entire SRS system will not work. If the driver is in a collision while the fuse is not working, the entire airbag system cannot deploy. Without the airbag system, the injuries that the drivers and passengers experience could be much worse than if the airbags worked.

If the SRS warning light appears on the dashboard, do not waste time. Go to your mechanic and have it checked as soon as possible. You do not want to be without your airbags if you are in a collision.

The SRS system works with belt force limiters, crash sensors, and occupancy sensors. If one of these components does not work, it can affect all the other components connected to it.

Why would the SRS fuse blow out?

There could be several reasons the SRS fuse blows out. Here are some of the most common reasons the SRS fuse would stop working.

The vehicle’s battery is dying.

When a vehicle’s battery slowly dies out, it will not be as powerful as it once was. The dying battery can affect the performance of the components that are connected to it. If the vehicle has an old battery, then replacing it should fix the SRS issue. The dying battery would short out a fuse. Actually, a dying battery would affect all the fuses connected to it. If you do not replace the battery soon, many of the fuses in the fuse box will start burning out.

The fuse is old

Some fuses just die out on their own. Perhaps the manufacturer did not make the fuse with suitable materials or the fuse has a defect that shortened its lifespan.

How to replace an SRS fuse

Replacing a fuse in a vehicle is relatively easy. The only hard part is locating the correct fuse. A fuse box is a very complex system. Working with the fuse box can intimidate those who do not know their way around vehicles. 

Many people accidentally remove the wrong fuse. By removing the wrong fuse, they do not fix the blown-out face and then they waste a brand new fuse on a fuse that is working just fine.

Here’s how to locate the SRS fuse in a fuse box:

First, always consult your vehicle’s manual. The manufacturer that built your vehicle understands how to create a simple and easy-to-use guide for drivers. If you do not have your vehicle’s guide, download a new guide from the manufacturer’s website.

The location of the SRS fuse depends on the vehicle. In a Mercedes-Benz, the SRS fuse is on the driver’s side of the car. In a GM vehicle, it is inside the center console between the two front seats. In a Lexus vehicle, the location of the SRS fuse is underneath the passenger seat.

You must locate the fuse box. The fuse box will usually leave on the passenger side underneath the glove compartment or next to the battery near the engine. A fuse box will have over 20 symbols in little boxes on the cover. These boxes with numbers or letters show which fuse is. Use your owner’s manual to locate the number assigned to the SRS fuse.

Once you locate the SRS fuse, you can remove it. When you remove any of the seasons in the vehicle, the answer should be completely off. Do not move a fuse while the engine is running. Also, wear heavy gloves. Remove the fuse and replace it with a new fuse. 

How to reset the SRS light

If the SRS fuse is fine and there are no other issues with the system, the warning light should not be on. If the warning light does not turn off, then there is no issue. 

The issue is with the warning light. When a warning light does not turn off and there’s nothing wrong, then it must be reset. Resetting the SRS system is easy. As long as you follow the instructions below, you can reset the airbag system yourself.

First, turn on your vehicle but not the entry and wait for 10 seconds. The airbag light should turn on. When you see the SRS light, turn the vehicle off and count to three, then turn the vehicle back on. If that doesn’t have to fix the airbag light. then fully turn your engine on. Leave the vehicle on for 7 seconds and then turn it off again. Then turn the engine on once more. 

These instructions will not work for every vehicle. Some Vehicles will require a diagnostic tool to reset the SRS system. To find out what you need to reset your vehicle’s SRS system, open your phone and type into the browser, “reset SRS system “Vehicle brand.” 


If there’s an issue with the SRS system, the SRS warning light will appear on the dashboard. Removing the SRS fuse is simple. The most complex part of removing the fuse is finding the fuse box and locating the correct fuse. A fuse usually blows out because the battery is getting older or they made it with the defect.

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