How to Fix Toyota AC Light Blinking

Toyota owners should be concerned when their air conditioner light blinks. That means there is an issue with a part of the system. It could be an issue with the compressor clutch, belt tensioner, or clutch relay. It could also be the AC pressure switch or AC belt.

How to Fix Toyota AC Light Flashing

Air conditioners are the greatest thing to happen to vehicles since the invention of the seat belt. All drivers have to do is press a button on their car’s system control and they can have their car cold and crisp in less than 5 minutes. 

But one day, as they’re driving their usual route, they may see that the AC light is blinking off and on. 

When Toyota owners see that their AC light is blinking off and on, they should schedule an appointment with a mechanic. The mechanic can take a look at their air conditioning system and determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Toyota owners must do this sooner rather than later as certain causes can damage nearby parts. 

How to Fix Toyota AC Light Flashing

Before taking your vehicle to a mechanic, restart your vehicle.

There could be an issue with a sensor or with the computer system itself. If you need to take it to a mechanic and they find and fix a problem, you will still have to restart your vehicle. Then the blinking AC light will finally turn off. 

Here’s how to reset a Toyota car

  1. Turn the ignition to the first position. The dashboard should light up
  2. Reset the trip meter by pressing the button on the dashboard then put your key in the second position.
  3. Now you must hold the odometer button for 10 seconds and let go. The button will either start blinking or turn off.
  4. Stop pressing the odometer button. Now you can finally start the car. The AC light should not be on anymore.

If the light is still on, turn off the car and repeat steps one through 4 one or two more times. Unfortunately, if you reset the vehicle three times and the AC light is still on, then that means you have to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

If the vehicle is a Toyota, then there are a few issues that may be causing the AC light to turn on.

5 Common Reasons Why a Toyota Vehicle’s AC Light Starts To Blink 

In most Toyota models, the AC light doubles as an air conditioning warning light. When you press the air conditioning button, the light will stay on, indicating that the air conditioner is now working.

But when the AC light starts to blink, it is warning the driver that there is an issue with the system.

Here are the five most common reasons why a Toyota’s AC light will start to blink.

The AC compressor clutch is completely out.

AC compressor clutch tells the AC compressor to start compressing refrigerant. I will also start collecting the compressor clutch hub. Can also be the AC compressor sensor that is causing the lights to blink.

The AC compressor clutch is completely out.

It will need to be replaced. Hopefully, your ac compressor is not the issue. Replacing this part, even without a mechanic’s labor, can be pricey. The more expensive the car, the pricier the part will be. 

The belt tensioner is not turning

There are a couple of ways to find out if the belt tensioner is loose. One way to know is if the air conditioner doesn’t work at all. The belt tensioner is one of the parts that keep the ac belt tight.

If the tensioner is not positioned correctly, it can become loose and the belt will loosen as well. If the tensioner is too tight, it may wear out the belt faster. It may now be time to replace your belt tensioner.

The average belt tensioner should be replaced every 40,000 to 70000 miles.  

The AC pressure switch is tripping and needs to be reset

If the AC pressure switch is not working or is not connected the right way, you may find that the air conditioner does not blow cool air. Sometimes the air conditioning will suddenly stop working altogether.

You may even hear clicking noises whenever you turn on the air conditioner. To fix this issue, you’ll have to purchase a replacement AC pressure switch. These devices usually cost between $20 and $100.

The AC clutch relay is not working

When an AC clutch does not work, that means that there is a relay failure. That means it is not providing enough power to the compressor and it is unable to compress low pressured air into high pressured air.

The AC clutch relay is not working

Luckily, replacing an AC clutch relay doesn’t cost too much. The part usually costs between $7 to $25.

The AC belt is worn out and it is affecting the clutch. 

Usually, when an AC belt starts to wear out, it will emit a loud squealing noise. If you haven’t noticed the noise then it may be because the belt is just starting to wear out. Another sign is not being able to defrost your windshield in the cold.

If you notice both of these issues, then the AC belt is definitely the issue. Replacing the AC belt is simple and shouldn’t take too long. People who are savvy with cars can also repair themselves. 


In Toyota cars, the AC light also doubles as a warning light but there is an issue with the air conditioning unit. When the light starts to blink, there could be an issue with one of the parts or an issue with the sensor. If the light is still on, then there is a problem inside the AC system.

Before visiting a mechanic, reset your car’s computer system to see if it is a sensor issue or just a bad signal. The issue is because of a loose AC belt, then rebuild can be tightened. If you need to replace an AC clutch relay, it should be fairly cheap. 

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