What is Audi Parking System Plus? (Explained)

The relatively new Park Assist system combines a rear-view camera with auditory and ultrasonic signals with an optical sensor to simplify parking significantly. 

The system has many other uses besides providing a view from behind the car. It uses electromagnetic guidance to steer your Audi model into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces easily. This system is so advanced, it can even fix itself. 

Audi Models that have a Parking assistant feature

Here is a list of the Audi models that have parking assistant features:

• Q5

• Q7

• A5

• A4

• A3

• TT Coupe

• SQ5

• A5 Cabriolet 

• S5 Cabriolet 

In 2020, Park Assist was standard on more Audi cars than ever. If you’re the type of driver who dreads parking, you will not have to deal with parking issues anymore, as long as you drive an Audi.

Using a variety of signals, including a backup camera, Park Assist can help you parallel park. Thanks to the additional sensors in your Audi model, your parking attempts will go more smoothly.

The Audi parking system plus has software that shows the driver how to use the system. The system will also make setting up the program on your touchscreen menu a breeze. The touchscreen itself serves as a practical step-by-step manual for using Park Assist.

How does the Parking Assistant feature works?

Engineers at Audi have created innovative driver assistance technologies like Park Assist for those who hate parking. As early as 1986, Audi understood that adding reliable high-tech parking assistant feature would increase the value of its premium automobiles. 

If the parking assist detects anything in the way, the vehicle will alert the driver and passengers audibly and visually.

Depending on the vehicle’s configuration, the parking assist switch may be in the center console or next to the selection lever.

How is the Parking Assistant activated?

The parking assistant automatically comes on when you put the vehicle in reverse. Simply pressing the button in the center console will manually activate the parking system plus.

Once you trigger the parking system, you will hear a brief beep. An illuminated switch indication bulb will turn on as well.

How is Parking Assistant deactivated?

Stepping on the gas pedal and accelerating to more than 6 miles per hour will deactivate the parking system. Removing the key from the ignition deactivates the parking system too.

In order to deactivate the parking assistant plus manually, press the parking assistant button. When the parking assistant deactivates, the indicator light will turn off as well. But if the indicator light burns out, the light will not turn on when the parking assistant activates.

If you are moving forward and want a warning as you approach possible obstructions, such as while parking, you will need to activate the system manually.

Audible alarms

Sound boxes are responsible for making the alert sounds. In the MMI, you may adjust the beeps’ loudness and pitch.

The mute function of the Parking Assistant 

When the driver engages the parking assistant, or the automatic transmission selection is in the park position, the audible warning will stop. However, just because the sound is off does not mean the system is off. If the system has detected an obstacle, the warning beeps will start up again as soon as you remove your foot from the parking brake. The warning sounds will also start when you move the gear selector out of the P position.

Forward/Reverse Driving system 

If the system detects an obstacle while the car is in reverse or forward motion, it will sound an alarm. The alerts will beep more quickly as the car gets closer to the obstacle.

When the car is less than 0.3meter from the obstacle, the warning beeps will sound off rapidly. When the vehicle is this close, the driver must stop going backward or forward.

The warning sounds will fade if the car maintains the same distance from the obstacle for roughly 4 seconds. If Audi re-approaches the barrier, the warnings will decrease in loudness.


If you need to maneuver your vehicle back and forth during while parking, the warning sound will pause when you shift gears. But the proximity icon will remain on the MMI screen. A reduction in warning signal volume will occur if the vehicle returns to a position approaching the barrier.

Graphic Display while using Parking Assistant 

The MMI display divides the distance to an obstacle into parts. The number of segments shown changes, depending on how close the vehicle’s front or back is to the obstacle. Segments in the image move closer to the car as the vehicle approaches the barrier. 

The vehicle enters the danger (collision) zone when the last segment changes color. After then, the driver shouldn’t make any further reversing or forwarding motions.

You have the option to disable the MMI screen’s graphical representation. However, the audible warning of proximity will stay turned on.

You may turn off the visual display by pressing a function selection button on the MMI control panel. Once you park the car, the graphical display will come on again. 

The manual toggle can restore the MMI screen’s graphical display. Refer to the MMI Operating Manual if you need additional information about the MMI control console.

Crucial points to be considered while using the parking assistant feature:

The sensors have dead zones where they can’t see obstacles.

It’s crucial to check that there are no infants or pets in the area since the sensors’ range and sensitivity vary.

The driver still has to pay attention to their surrounding. Therefore, the parking help isn’t a replacement. The driver handles passenger safety during driving, including parking. Keep a sharp eye on the surroundings at all times.

Please be aware that when the vehicle gets closer to a low object, the sensors may no longer detect it, and the system will stop informing you. 

The presentation of visual content is not instant. The display is delayed.

The MMI allows you to customize the visual presentation.

The acoustic parking help relies on sensors that must be clear of snow and ice. 


Whether you are a new or old Audi user, the parking assistant feature is easy to use. But for the new users, it’s better to consult the user manual or ask from the Audi service center to avoid any obstacles. 

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