Toyota Parking Assist Malfunction (Solved & Explained)

When the Toyota parking assist malfunction, it is usually due to an issue with the sensor, a glitch in the system, an issue with the software, and the control module unavailable. When the Toyota parking assist is not working, the driver can turn it off and park the old-fashioned way.

Why would the Toyota parking assist unavailable?

Nothing makes parking in tight spaces easier than the Toyota parking assist system. The system can even take over the parking process for you and guide the vehicle into the parking spot all by itself. But this system can also experience malfunctions and issues. Here are the most common parking assist issues. 

Why would the Toyota parking assist unavailable?

There is an issue with the software – whether it is in the computer or in your vehicle, updating software can ruin all the settings you’ve programmed to your vehicle. When there’s an update with software, sometimes the update can turn off the parking assist without your knowledge. Oftentimes, the update is not installed correctly or installed halfway.

The control module is not working as it should – The Control Module is different from the computer system. First, the control module is connected directly to the battery and Powers the sensors as well as the computer taking in all the information. Many failing control modules have dirt or grind or corrosion.

The sensor is not working – Sensors can stop working for a variety of reasons. Maybe you accidentally struck a sensor on an obstacle. Rain may have gotten into the sensor and shorted it, or it is glitching.

The computer is glitching, and it needs to be reset – the parking assist, as well as a few other assistance programs inside of Toyota, are all parts of a computer program controlled by the control module. These computer programs can glitch out like any other piece of software.

How to fix each issue affecting the parking assist?

For computer issues, like, improperly installed updates or a glitch in the computer system, you need to take your vehicle to a custom mechanic who is knowledgeable about computer systems.

How to fix each issue affecting the parking assist?

But if your mechanic is fully booked or you don’t have one that has knowledge about computer systems, you can try to reset the system yourself.

Instructions for resetting your parking assist us yourself is available in this article.

Issues with the control module – you’ll have to find the control module inside the engine and inspect it for damage. You can also disconnect from the battery and reconnect again to see if that fixes the issue.

If the mechanic determines that you need to replace it, the average control module can cost anywhere from $900 to $2,000.

Damaged sensors – for a device that is fundamental to a system, sensors are surprisingly easy to damage. Not only can you damage a sensor in a low-speed collision, but sand or rain can also ruin them.

If sand or rain gets into the crevices, it can short out the sensor. Unfortunately, you will have to replace the sensor if it is no longer working. Parking sensors can be extremely expensive costing anywhere from $150 to $550.

What is the Toyota parking assist?

As the name suggests, the Toyota parking assist helps drivers avoid hitting objects and people when they are parking. It will also keep you centered when you’re backing into the parking space so that you’re not too close to any other car.

What is the Toyota parking assist

The parking assist is now a standard in certain Toyota vehicles, and it is one of the many systems the Toyota company has developed to make life easier for their customers.

The parking assist is also known as the Intelligent Parking Assist system. One of the best features of this system is that the parking assist can automatically steer the vehicle into a parking space. The driver does not need to do anything except wait for the vehicle to come to a complete stop before taking off the seat belt.

How to reset the parking assist

Resetting the parking assist can help clear out any glitches in the system and keep the software and the sensors running as if the car was brand new. It will also help reset the information that is being sent to the sensors. 

How to reset the parking assist

Sometimes sensors can experience glitches and resetting the parking assist can help clear the glitches. As long as you are patient, you will not need a mechanic to reset the parking assist. You can do it yourself. 

Here’s what you need to do:

In order to reset the parking assist and the sensors, you will need to turn off the assist and turn it on again

  • Find the circular navigation button on the steering wheel and press the down button. A menu will pop up on the dashboard.
  • Keep pressing the down button until you find the settings menu. Now, look for a box symbol with the letters P and a. This is the parking assist menu. The parking assist symbol should display the words on or off, indicating that the parking assist is either off or on.
  • With a navigational button on the steering wheel, highlight the parking assist symbol and click okay. This will take you into options.
  • Now that you are inside the options menu for the parking assist, you will automatically highlight the no button. Press the up button so that you are highlighting the yes button and press okay.
  • The parking assist symbol should change from on to off.
  • Turn off the vehicle for several minutes and then turn it back on again.
  • Now using the navigational menu, turn the parking assist back on.

You may have to repeat this process several times, just like turning a computer on and off again, resetting the parking assist can clear out any old data or reset the connection between the sensors and the computer. 


If the sensors are damaged from an impact or from sand or water, they will need to be replaced. If there are issues with the control module, try connecting it to the battery first before replacing it. You can reset the parking assist yourself and that makes clear any computer glitches or software issues.

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