What is the Prius Ready Mode? (Explained)

Prius ready mode is a function that controls the temperature in the vehicle. It also draws power from the Hybrid battery. It barely uses any gasoline. When you drive the ready light will stay on.

What is the Prius Ready Mode?

The Prius is a fantastic hybrid vehicle designed with many useful functions. It’s most popular functions that have Prius owners raving are the Apple Carplay and the Star Safety System. And, the anti-lock brake system, and the Prius ready mode.

You probably heard of the Prius ready mode either from your Pruis-owning friends or from Reddit or YouTube.

The Prius Ready Mode is a mode in which the Prius owner can leave the vehicle on and the vehicle will only draw power from the battery, not from the engine.

This means that the Prius will use energy from the Hybrid battery to power the vehicle. The vehicle will not waste any gasoline.

The Prius Ready Mode is extremely effective at conserving energy and not wasting gasoline. If you were to leave your Prius idling for up to 10 hours, it would barely use a single gallon of gas.

There’s no way a regular gas-guzzling vehicle would only use a gallon of gas for 10 hours of idling.

Not only does the Prius ready mode keep the car idling, but it also controls the temperature inside the vehicle cabin. 

Let’s say you’re gone for a meeting for an entire hour. When you return, you will not have to sit and drive in a hot car and wait for it to cool down.

As the Prius idles in its parking spot, the Prius Ready Mode will keep the atmosphere inside the cabin at the programmed temperature. 

If you set the temperature to 75F or 24C, the vehicle will stay at that temperature. Talk about luxury! It is so nice to not have to come back to a burning hot car, especially in the summer.

If you have any devices attached to your Prius, like a car charger or a car-powered stove camping, it will drop power from the Priuses hybrid battery.

Your devices can consume too much of your Prius’ Hybrid battery. If you leave your vehicle running, then the battery will drain.

You will need to get a jumpstart from a friendly stranger. The more devices attached to the Prius, the faster the battery will drain.

How to put a Prius in ready mode

The Prius ready mode is so unbelievably easy. All you need to do is turn on your vehicle and your vehicle will automatically switch to ready mode once the engine is on. You won’t have to do anything. 

When you turn on your vehicle, look at the dashboard and you should see the word READY in green directly in front of you. If you are driving, the ready mode will reactivate once you park.

How to activate and use the climate control

Activating climate control depends on the model of Prius. If you have your owner’s manual, you can use the instructions inside the manual to turn on your Prius climate control. 

If you no longer have your user manual, you can download another manual directly from the Toyota manufacturer. Just type the make and model of your vehicle and the year and the word user manual and you should find it within a few minutes.

Here is one way to turn on climate control:

To activate the climate control, press the auto button. The vehicle will automatically adjust the atmosphere in the cabin to the preset temperature.

If the cabin is too hot, the air conditioner will turn on. If the cabin is too cold, the vehicle will start the heater.

To adjust the temperature, use the arrow buttons to raise the temperature up or down depending on the weather outside.

The AC heater will turn on and turn off as the temperature fluctuates inside the vehicle.

Is there a way to view the amount of energy in my battery?

Yes, there is a section of the digital menu where you can see how much charge is still in the Prius battery.

The menu page that allows you to view the battery’s energy depends on the model of the vehicle. With most Priuses, you’ll be able to find it by pressing the info button and then pressing the consumption button.

It’s a Prius’s battery charge is less than 30%, then it is time to take it out of ready mode and start driving. As you drive, the battery will charge itself.

Is it safe to keep your dog in the car if the ready mode is on?

Since the ready mode comes with a climate temperature control function, it should be perfectly safe to leave your dog in your Prius.

However, we do not recommend leaving your dog in the vehicle at all.

It’s against the law to leave a dog in a vehicle, whether the vehicle is on and has air conditioning. Also, people who do not own Priuses will not know about the climate control function. They may report you to the police if they see the dog in the car. 

Place a sign on one of the windows stating that the air conditioner is on and you’ll be back in 20 minutes. The sign may ward off people’s fears of the dog dying in the car and they may not report you to the police. 

But if you have your dog in the car, never leave for very long. You would never know if your Prius suddenly turns off.

If that happens, then your poor little doggy will be absolutely helpless as the temperature in the vehicle climbs higher and higher.


Prius ready mode is an automatic mode that controls the temperature in the vehicle. It also allows the vehicle to idle without burning gasoline. Ready mode automatically activates when the driver turns on their Prius. 

It also activates when the driver stops driving and places their vehicle in Park. Ready mode automatically controls the temperature inside the vehicle.

Prius owners leave their vehicles on when their dog is in the car. The air conditioning will keep the dog from dying in the summer heat.

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