Should I Straight Pipe Prius? (Pros & Cons)

Modern automakers integrate vehicles with extra features. These help improve performance, meet security standards or merely enhance the vehicles’ aesthetics. Specific features, such as a large exhaust system, loud mufflers, or cat converter help reinforce any of these objectives.

What advantages and downsides does straight piping have? Find out the detailed answers in this article. I also discuss a few related items to straight piping.

What Is a Straight Pipe?

A straight-pipe exhaust system is a method used to increase the amount of exhaust that goes out of a car. It consists of a car’s essential parts designed to reduce emissions and sound coming from the exhaust. They include mufflers, filters, catalytic converters and resonators. All of these make up a standard exhaust system.

The original exhaust system emits gases from the car’s engine out into the atmosphere. Before it releases those gases and fumes, the muffler helps suppress the noise. The catalytic converter, also known as a cat converter, helps in the regulation of emissions and filters the fumes or gases. These fumes become less harmful before they’re released into the open air. Exhaust tips are often located towards the rear end of the car.

Straight piping is the process of replacing an exhaust pipe with a straight pipe. This is done to enhance a car’s horsepower and increase the sound. In this process, the standard components (muffler, filter, resonator and catalytic converter) in the exhaust pipe are taken out. In effect, the exhaust gases pass through the straight pipe without any filter or construction. A fitting exhaust pipe size is connected with a Prius exhaust system. This results in loud noise and improved car performance.

Straight Pipe Exhaust in Prius: Pros and Cons

I’m sure you have a general idea of what straight-piping is, now let’s get into the specifics of its advantages and disadvantages


Better performance

The major reason why car enthusiasts pursue a straight pipe is the high performance of the car. When the cat converter and the muffler are removed, it reduces the pressure on the engine. If you admire the torque like those used in a formula 1 race, straight piping is the option.

Reduced car weight

Changing to a straight pipe exhaust means reducing the car weight. Straight piping helps take out some of the heavyweight components of the car. The ultimate gain is the overall driving experience you enjoy.

Car’s appearance

Straight piping improves the overall appearance of your car. Especially, when the pipes feature shiny chrome fittings and coatings, your car aesthetics is enhanced. The straight pipe exhaust will not just touch your car’s design and beauty. It will also create a distinct impression on other enthusiasts.

Noisy but has a classic sound

Many people prefer a straight pipe exhaust to a standard exhaust. Why? They find the roaring sound the car produces thrilling. Aside from the cool speed, the noise from the car says a lot not only about the owner but the car itself. A straight piping exhaust system is a great way to reveal the real sound of your Prius’s engine.



Straight piping is a huge investment. It can be expensive to purchase and install, depending on your car’s model. Some straight pipes can cost up to $1000 or more. In addition, it requires professional help to install,


Unlike the standard exhaust system, straight pipes release harmful gases into the hair. In turn, it causes pollution. Moreover, it creates discomfort since the clarity of air breathed in can be affected. Harmful gases, like Sulphur and CO2, produced and released can result in global warming. They can also cause acid rain or other catastrophic occurrences.

Resale value

Another cliche is if you decide to sell your car after changing to a straight pipe exhaust. The resale value might depreciate. This is so, especially in areas where straight pipe exhaust is illegal. You may have to keep enjoying the speed and cool sound of your car all by yourself. Besides, who would like to buy a car when its critical engine parts have been tampered with?

Pipe size

When choosing your pipes, make thorough findings first and look for a good store to buy your pipes. The wrong pipe size can affect your car’s torque and horsepower after installation.

Too much noise

The outrageous and loud sound from the car can be quite disturbing to others. In the US, you cannot modify your car’s exhaust system after environmental and safety standard checks. It’s illegal.

Is straight piping worth it?

My answer remains in the affirmative. With straight piping, there’s a guarantee of incredible flow, improved fuel economy, and great mileage. These aren’t what the best OEM or aftermarket mufflers will offer. It doesn’t mean that top-quality mufflers won’t deliver great flow. Yet, straight piping is worth the investment.

Do straight pipes reduce horsepower?

I’ve often heard some car owners and drivers say that straight piping reduces a car’s horsepower. This is absolute misinformation. Straight pipes won’t make your car lose horsepower. But, straight piping reduces the amount of back pressure your engine normally endures. This way, the exhaust pipe passes gases directly from the exhaust tip to the air. As a result, the engine can produce more torque and horsepower. Here’s the thing: straight pipes from the cylinders produce the least back pressure.

Final Thoughts

Straight piping means replacing a car’s mufflers and cat converter with straight pipes. Before you decide to straight pipe your Prius, first, weigh the pros and cons. Also, bear in mind the environmental law about pollution and extreme auto noise. So, you must be careful not to break the jurisdiction law.

Finally, do not try to install the pipe yourself if you have no basic understanding of the exhaust system. I’ll recommend that you allow a professional to handle the job.

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