BMW DSC Malfunction (Solved & Explained) 

When the DSC malfunction light appears on a BMW dashboard, it is usually because the wheel speed sensor is not functioning or glitching out; the BMW is low on brake fluid and making the brakes less effective, or there is an issue with the ABS pump. There could also be a problem with the brakes.

Why does my BMW’s DSC malfunction?

The BMW is a robust luxury car that is not known for breaking down or for poor manufacturing. But these beautiful machines are not perfect, and they will occasionally cause problems for their drivers. For example, the Dynamics stability control or DSC system will occasionally malfunction. 

What are the reasons that would cause the DSC system to malfunction?

The vehicle is low on brake fluid – if this is the reason for the DSC system malfunctioning, then you will see a separate low brake fluid light flash on and off on your vehicle’s console or dashboard. 

When a vehicle does not have enough brake fluid, small amounts of air will fill the brake line. This will cause the brakes to lessen their effectiveness. It will take a longer time and a longer distance for your brakes to stop your BMW.

You can add brake fluid to your vehicle’s engine, or you can take your BMW to a mechanic so they can do it as well. They can also check and see if that is the issue causing the DSC to malfunction or if there is another issue.

The wheel speed sensor is not working correctly – A malfunctioning wheel speed sensor is not a common issue, but it does happen from time to time.

When the sensor for the wheel speed does not work, you will not be able to use your BMW’s stability control, cruise control, and traction control as well as many other driving control features. 

If the sensor is corrupted, then it will send back corrupted data to your vehicle’s computer, which is influencing your parking brake system and your engine output system. 

Along with the DSC malfunction light, you will probably see the ABS warning light on your dashboard. Also, you’ll notice that the speedometer does not post the correct miles per hour.

The wheel speed sensor is important and when it is malfunctioning, it needs to be replaced. The cost of labor to replace the sensor depends on your area, but most wheel speed sensors cost 200 to $400.

There is an issue with the ABS pump – if your BMW is on the older side or you have a lot of miles on it, an ABS pump failure makes sense. 

When the ABS pump malfunctions, it is usually due to the brushes inside the pump that wear out. In order to fix this issue, you will have to replace the ABS pump. The cost of an ABS pump can be anywhere from $300 to over $900. 

And that is without the cost of labor. If that is too much money for you, then you can find a mechanic who can repair ABS pumps as that may be less expensive.

The anti-lock brake system is not working – Occasionally, the anti-lock braking system will malfunction which is what causes the DSC malfunction light to appear on the dashboard. 

Since the DSC what’s with the braking system, it needs to be resolved in order to use any of the driving control options. Sometimes, breaking issues will appear as DSC issues. 

If you’ve noticed that your brakes are not effective as they once were or perhaps your vehicle is online, it’s time to take your BMW two mechanic. Request for them to inspect your tires for a full checkup and use their diagnostic tools to find the error code. 

Once they know the error code, they’ll be able to fix your brakes. 

What is the DSC?

In a BMW, the DSC stands for dynamic stability control. It is one of the most important features of a BMW. Every time you drive over a rough road and not feel a single bump or when you make a sharp right turn and never feel like you were going to flip over, that is the work of the DSC system. 

The purpose of the system is safety. It monitors and regulates the speed of the BMW and compensates for terrible road conditions that could send you spitting out of control. This system works directly with the anti-lock brake system.

The DSC system is a part of many systems within a BMW including the suspension, the cornering brake control, the abs, and the stability control. 

Each of these components has its own system of sensors and data which they all send to the DSC. 

The system can even detect wheel slip, which means there is not enough traction on the vehicle’s tires.

Is it safe to drive when the DSC is malfunctioning?

Using cruise control is great, especially if you’re traveling for 3 to 5 hours on the freeway. You will have to put a bit more effort into your speed control while the DSC system is malfunctioning. 

However, there’s nothing wrong with driving your BMW while the DSC malfunctioning light is on your dashboard. Your ride may be a bit bumpier as the traction control is no longer working, but that’s about it.

However, if the DSC is malfunctioning due to an issue with your brakes, then it is not safe to drive. If you recently got your brake service and the mechanic didn’t find any issues, then you can rule out break issues causing the DSC malfunction.


The dynamic stability control connects to many components within a BMW, including the brake, throttle, suspension, and others. If the DSC is not working, it is safe to drive your vehicle, but you cannot use the cruise or traction control. 

If the ABS pump is not working, you’ll have to replace it or find a mechanic that can repair them. Always get your brakes serviced so the anti-lock brake system does not malfunction. When there is not enough brake fluid in a brake line, your brakes will not work as effectively, and you will take longer to stop at a red light or on the freeway.

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