How to Fix Honda Lane Watch Camera Not Working 

The Honda Lane watch camera stops working most of the time due to connection issues. Many Hondas owners also forget to calibrate and recalibrate their vehicle’s camera from time to time. The Honda Lane Watch is no longer available in most new Honda vehicles. 

Why is the Honda Lane Watch Camera not working?

There are a few reasons why the handling watch camera stops working. The solution to fix the camera depends on how the camera is behaving.

  • The Lane Watch camera is not displaying video on my dashboard – if everything else is working normally on your dashboard console but there is no video feed, then there’s an issue with connectivity. You can use the Lane Watch navigation menu to turn off the camera display. Then turn your vehicle off and then on again. Then use the menu to restart the camera.
  • The camera needs to be calibrated – the calibrate your vehicle, you can put it into calibration mode. There will most likely be three buttons on the radio that you must press and hold down. The placement of the buttons depends on your model of the Honda car. Consult your owner’s manual to learn how to calibrate your Lane Watch camera. When The Lane Watch camera is in calibration mode, the light on the right mirror will flash off and on.

What is the Honda Lane Watch?

Do you have trouble switching lanes, on the street or the freeway, merging out of traffic and onto the off-ramp, and making left turns safely? 

Well, the Honda company has heard your cries of frustration as well as the crushing sounds of two vehicles colliding when they tried to merge. 

They have come up with a solution and created the Honda Lane Watch. When you activate the right blinker, the camera will automatically turn on. The camera will relay video to your Hondas console in the middle of the dashboard. You’ll be able to see two to three lanes to the right and all oncoming traffic that is behind you.

How to use the Honda Lane Watch

In order for the driver to use the Honda Lane watch camera, they need to activate their right turn blinker.

Once they activate the blinker, the camera will automatically turn on and display a good view of the two right lanes to the right of the car on the dashboard.

The driver will be able to see if they are clear to merge into the right lane or make a right turn.

How to leave the camera on

However, there is a way to leave the camera on so it can display all the activity to the right of the vehicle on your dashboard. 

There is a button on your steering wheel lever that will keep the camera on and transmit video. 

It is a small black button with a picture of a car and a white triangle next to the car. When you click the button, the button should turn blue. The blue color means that the camera is active. 

To turn off the camera and stop transmitting the video to the dashboard, simply click on the button again.

How to reset a Honda computer.

Sometimes the sensors in the camera can malfunction for any reason‌. So, before you take your vehicle to the Honda-certified mechanic, you can try resetting the computer, known as the ECU, that connects that camera to the console or dashboard.

  1. Open the hood of your car and look for a small black box with blue writing on the right side of the engine. The blue writing will show which fuse connects to which part of the vehicle. You are looking for the ECU fuse.
  2. Remove the lid to the small black box and locate the ECU fuse. 
  3. Pull out the fuse and leave it up for a couple of seconds. Then, place it back in.
  4. Place the lid back on the fuse box. The computer system should be reset. If the camera does not work, then you’ll have to take the vehicle to the dealer. 

Maybe the Lane watch camera is faulty

Sometimes the manufacturing process can overlook a critical error or bad wiring job in a vehicle’s construction. So that means the vehicle is faulty even before it left the manufacturer’s factory.

In the past, the haunted company has had to recall some of its vehicles because of issues with the engine, wiring, or the parking.

While searching through the Honda customer forums, we realize that there are a lot of Honda owners who experience problems with their cameras. The cameras do not work, or they repeatedly shut off. 

So, if you have been experiencing problems with the lane watch camera and the problems will not go away, take your vehicle to a Honda Certified mechanic.

Then if the Honda company has put out a memo to their mechanics about bling with cameras. You can also ask if there is a recall in place.

Some owners have so many problems with their Lane watch cameras that they decide to trade in their current vehicle for a different vehicle.

Honda Stopping Lane Watch technology in future vehicle 

Honda has deemed that the language technology is not as useful as they thought it was. So, the next generation of Honda vehicles will not have Lane watch technology. 

Instead, the technology is being replaced with blind-spot technology. 

Even some of the newer vehicles do not have Lane watch technology as part of their electronic systems. 

It appears most manufacturers are switching to blind spot technology as the number of cars with this technology is growing every year. This report is according to


If there’s an issue with the Lane watch camera mechanics and Honda advisors suggest restarting the vehicle before taking it to the mechanic. 

Lane watch technology is not a popular technology, and the company is now phasing it out for all current vehicles and future vehicles. They are switching to blind-spot monitoring instead. 

Many drivers find that the issue is never truly fixed, so they have to trade in their vehicle for another.

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