BMW Parking Lamp Malfunction (Solved & Explained) 

A malfunctioning parking lamp is a common issue, so do not feel frustrated when the issue finally occurs in your BMW. Most pressing issues are due to bad wiring, blown-out bulbs, and blown-out fuses.

Why is my BMW’s Parking Lamp Malfunctioning?

Light issues are one of the most common issues that drivers and car owners have to deal with on a regular basis. It is easy to damage a vehicle’s light, even if the light is part of a luxury vehicle like the BMW. Every driver will have to replace their parking lamps at least once or twice in their vehicle’s life, so you’re bound to run into this problem.

For BMW owners, they can have their vehicle serviced immediately when their parking lamp malfunctions. But they can also check on the issue themselves and see if they want to practice a little DIY on their vehicle.

The most common reason for a malfunctioning parking lamp is a burnt-out bulb, a burnt-out fuse, or faulty wiring. Also, a collision could damage the parking lamps, causing them to malfunction.

How to determine if the parking lamps are malfunctioning

Like any modern luxury car, the BMW has a special menu that shows everything that is going on with the vehicle. You can also send alerts to the driver’s dashboard to show that there is a problem. But, sometimes the warning light does not turn on and you do not know if there is an issue. Here’s a quick and easy way to learn about any issues that are occurring in your vehicle that your BMW has not warned you about.

Follow the steps below to determine if it is your parking lamps that are malfunctioning or if there’s another issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Turn on your vehicle and open the menu on your console dashboard. 
  • Select and click on vehicle info and then select vehicle status. The screen will change and it will show a 3D picture of your vehicle. The top part of the screen will say vehicle status. 
  • There are also six menu options available on the vehicle status screen. Scroll down to the sixth option, which is checked control. 
  • Click on it and the next screen will show what parts of the vehicle require attention. The text on the screen will say parking lot malfunctioning along with an orange triangle. If there is a different warning showing, then you know the issue is not with the parking light.
  • If the issue is that the parking lamp is malfunctioning, now you can take action. You can use this information to decide whether to change out the fuses or the parking light bulbs.

How to change the parking light bulb

There are multiple parking light bulbs, so you will need to find out which one is the one that is not working.

Open your BMW’s hood and search for a large circle in the right and left corner of the engine block. These circles can be removed, as they are covers that protect the right and left light bulbs. 

Also, the compartments’ covers may not be circular, it all depends on the model of your BMW. 

When you remove the covers, either by twisting them or by lifting them, you will be able to access the light bulbs. Gently and slowly, twist and remove one of the light bulbs. 

Then, replace the light bulb with a new light bulb. Depending on the model of your BMW, some models will have 1 parking lamp[ on each side of the front of the vehicle, while others will have two. 

You will have to change out each light bulb and test each one individually.

You will have to do all of these steps, as the parking light malfunction warning does not indicate which light is malfunctioning. Luckily, there are only two parking lights, the front left light, and the front right light. 

How to determine if the issue is the parking lamp fuses.

So you have changed out all the light bulbs and nothing has changed. If you are still experiencing issues with your parking lamps, Then check for issues with the lamp fuses.

There is a special fuse box located somewhere in your model. Once you find the fuse box, you’ll be able to reset the fuse or replace them.

The location of the fuse box depends on the model of your BMW. Some light fuse boxes are located underneath the passenger seat while others are located behind the right or left parking lamp next to the engine.

Once you find the fuse box, ‌ use your owner’s manual to understand the markings on the fuse box. Use the owner’s manual to locate the fuse for the parking lots. 

Once you find that fuse, remove the fuse and inspect it. If it is burnt out or slightly damaged, then replace it with a new fuse. 

If it looks perfectly fine, Then leave it out of its socket for a few seconds and then replace it.

After you replace the fuse or place it back in its socket, turn on your vehicle and test your parking lamps. Any malfunctioning parking lamps should now work. 

Bad wiring

Bad wiring can’t happen for a number of reasons; the wires were not installed correctly in the manufacturing factory, a low or high-speed collision damaged the wiring, or leaking motor oil or coolant fried the wiring. 

You can look at the wires connected to the parking lot to determine if they are corroded Or damaged. If they are, then you’ll have to take your BMW to the mechanic. It could also be an issue with the wiring harness as that is what keeps all the wires in place.

Just go to a mechanic 

If you don’t want to do all of this work to find out if it is your parking lot that is malfunctioning, you can simply take your vehicle to a BMW Certified mechanic. It will save you a lot of time and energy, plus you probably have the money to take it to be serviced anyway.


The most common reasons for a malfunctioning BMW parking lot are bad wiring, blowing bulbs, or blown fuses. Replacing bulbs and fuses is simple, but it is time-consuming. 

If the issue is bad wiring, then it’s better to trust a mechanic with this problem. To determine if your parking lights are the issue, you can use the menu settings on the BMW’s console to search for the options vehicle status and then check control.

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