Jeep Renegade Parking Light Out: Try These Fixes

The Jeep Renegade parking light outcan happen to anyone anytime, even on vehicles less than 50k miles old. It sometimes starts with a daytime running light (DRL) going out. After a couple of days, a message pops up on your dashboard, probably while driving, saying that the “parking light is out.” 

The worst part of this issue is that your owner’s manual may not offer a straightforward solution. Luckily, we might have a way to fix it. Read on if you’re tired of driving with one light out and irritating error messages that appear and disappear, then repeat every minute! 

How Can I Fix the Jeep Renegade Parking Light Out? 

To fix the Jeep Renegade “parking light out,” double-check the bulbs to see if they are inserted correctly. If the bulb is burnt, replace it with an original one from a dealer. You can also replace the entire lamp and wiring harness to prevent similar issues in the future. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of the various possible solutions:

Possible Solution #1: Ensure the Bulbs are Inserted Correctly

First, double-check the bulbs and see whether they are seated correctly. You may have knocked a pothole or bump, and the vibration caused the lamps to move out of order. Open the housing and disconnect the bulbs. Doing so is usually pretty simple on all Jeep models, even for anyone that doesn’t know much about cars.

You may require a flathead or Phillips screwdriver to remove the lamp covering and access the bulb. Please take out the bulb and carefully examine it for possible faults. If you can’t find any inconsistency, reconnect the bulb into place and reinstall the cover. If the issue persists, then something else could be the matter. 

Note: You shouldn’t touch the halogen bulbs with your bare hands. The oil from the fingers can cause heating issues on the bulb and increases the chances of burning out. Please use nitrile gloves or disposable latex for safe bulb handling. 

Possible Solution #2: Replace the Damaged Bulb

It could be that the bulb burnt out. If that is so, you must replace it. Most importantly, buying the correct bulb (compatible with your Jeep) would be best, which should cost less than $5. It’s usually a 5-Watt lamp on most Jeeps, but you can always check the part number on your owner’s manual. 

Sometimes it’s challenging to get a bulb with the exact specs as the original. However, installing the wrong one will probably not resolve the issue. Many modern Jeep computer systems are sensitive to the slightest change. You can order the bulb from your dealer or online. Try the next solution if the problem persists after replacing the lamp. 

Possible Solution #3: Fix Any Damages on the Lamp Holder 

Your parking light is a wear-and-tear item. It could have developed a mechanical issue due to its continued use. It’s also likely that you unknowingly damaged the bulb and contacts during a previous bulb change.  

So, open the service flap and disconnect the whole lamp holder for closer inspection. Check if there are bents on the contacts and open circuits, and verify that the solder bumps on the bulb have no large gouges or some bits missing. Rectify any faults you find if possible. 

Possible Solution #4: Replace the Entire Lamp and Wiring Harness

The entire wiring harness requires a replacement if the lights and sockets keep blowing. Many people face a situation where the car will alert that the parking light is out, but when you replace the bulb, it blows within hours. You replace the socket; it also blows after a short while. 

Suppose that’s what you’re going through. In that case, it’s time to take more drastic action to permanently resolve that wiring or electrical issue. The replacement procedure at the dealership often takes between one and two days. The cost ranges from $600 to $700. Your dealer can do it free of charge if the Jeep is under warranty.


What Do Parking Lights on a Jeep Mean? 

Parking lights on a Jeep are the small lights you find at the front of the vehicle. These lights are in the same housing as your primary, dipped headlights. People commonly refer to them as sidelights. Their function is to make your Jeep visible to other drivers when you’re parked. 

How Do the Parking Lights and Daytime Running Lamps Differ?

The parking lights and daytime running lamps are both security features. While the former makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers while you’re parked, the latter does so while driving. When you turn on the engine, the daytime running lamps (DRLs) will switch automatically. 

Where Can I Find the Parking Light Controls on Jeep?

The parking light controls on the Jeep are on the same switch as the headlight controls. Sometimes the parking lights can be linked on the low beam headlines. In that case, you must turn the button twice to light both. 

How Do the Brake Lights and Parking Lights Differ?

The brake lights or taillights are red, and you’ll find them on the back of your car. They turn on whenever you hit the brakes to alert the driver behind you. Conversely, parking lights are at the front and back of the vehicle. They are red on the back and amber or white on the front.


Fixing the Jeep Renegade parking light out issue doesn’t always need to involve a mechanic or a trip to your dealer. Sometimes it’s a simple inconsistency you can rectify at home, as discussed in Solutions #1 to #3 above. Thus, there’s no need to worry, especially if it’s your first encounter.

But, if the cause is a severe wiring malfunction, you might need to pay up to $700 to fix it. That is if your Jeep’s warranty is expired. We hope that it doesn’t get there and all you have is something you can resolve without breaking your bank account! 

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