Jeep Service Passive Entry System Message: Causes and Fixes

Seeing the Jeep Service Passive Entry System message on the dashboard sucks. What makes this error so annoying is that your car dealership may not have a clue about it. So, if you’ve found yourself in this situation, you’re reading the right post. We will tell you what might be the cause and how to resolve the issue. You may not even need to involve your dealer!

What Does Jeep Service Passive Entry System Message Mean?

The service passive entry system message means that your Jeep passive entry has a mechanical issue that you need to fix. The passive entry is a unique function that enhances your car’s remote keyless entry system. It has a keyless enter-and-go feature, which allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors without necessarily pushing the unlock buttons on the key fob.

A malfunction may cause many inconveniences as the system will not work as it should. For example, your car door locks may stop working, forcing you to use the old way (manually). Thus, you must resolve the problem as soon as possible and turn off the irritating passive entry light.

What are the Possible Causes and Fixes?

There could be several causes for the Jeep service passive entry system message pop-up. Luckily, fixing the problem is sometimes straightforward.

Possible Cause #1: Electrical Problem

One electrical problem that may cause a passive entry issue is resistance to electrical flow in one of the system’s wires. Too much resistance will usually impact the smooth flow of electric current, affecting the system’s proper functioning. That may be a result of poor or faulty connectivity.

How to Fix: We recommend taking the car to your dealership or contacting a reliable auto electrician to fix the issue. The electrician will find a way to bypass the wire with high resistance.

Possible Cause #2: Engine Control Unit Error

An engine control unit (ECU) error can cause several issues. These include turning the Check Engine Light and difficulty in starting the car. The error can also cause malfunctions in some of the vehicle’s electronics, including the passive entry system.

How to Fix: Try resetting the unit by disconnecting the negative terminal. Let the vehicle sit for about 15 to 30 minutes. This time should allow the module to reboot and fix the issue automatically once you reconnect the power. We tried this ourselves, and it worked like a charm!

You can also use the start button to clear any error the control unit may have. Push the button to turn on the ignition but not start the car to run. That means pushing the button without pushing the brake. Doing so also serves as a reboot, and the light and error might go away.

Possible Cause #3: Key Fob Issues

Firstly, the fob battery may be too low or dead, breaking the communication between it and the vehicle. If so, the keyless entry system won’t recognize when the key is inside the car or your pocket. Hence, the engine will return the error message. Your Jeep will also show the service passive entry message if the smart key is faulty.

How to Fix: Replacing the dead battery could be all your jeep needs. Take note that sometimes this issue can pop up even when your car is only a couple of months old. So, try and see if the light and error disappear. Alternatively, contact your dealership or take the vehicle to them so they can order a replacement key. Hopefully, the error will disappear if it is due to a dead key fob.

Note: Your car dealer will probably need to test your car first and may charge you for it. Testing helps to rule out any other potential issues.

Possible Cause #4: Software Issue

Although Jeeps are relatively reliable, you can still encounter software issues whether you have the newest model. When that happens, some of the vehicle’s functionalities may stop working as they should. The passive entry system isn’t different.

How to Fix: Take your Jeep to the car dealership for a software update. Updating the software is not easy and may take the dealer a maximum of 3 hours to complete. After that, the problem should disappear and allow you to enjoy a smooth driving experience.

Possible Cause #5: Errored Passive Entry System

Your Jeep passive entry feature could be having an error hindering its proper function. Usually, when that happens, the system stops working. The good thing is that you can quickly resolve this issue yourself at home.

How to Fix: To fix this problem, reset the system to restore its operation by disabling the passive entry through the Uconnect settings. Next, unlock and lock the car. After a moment, unlock the vehicle again and re-activate the settings. If the error persists, call a professional to diagnose and resolve the problem correctly. Some components might need replacement.

Note: Please consult your owner’s manual or dealership if you can’t find the Uconnect feature in your Jeep to disable passive entry.


What is the Difference Between Keyless Entry and Passive Entry?

The keyless entry feature lets you lock and unlock your vehicle’s doors by pushing buttons on the key fob. Conversely, passive entry is when your car keys can remain in the pocket, and you unlock and lock the doors by touching an area or waving your foot to open the boot.

How Do I Turn Off the Passive Entry on My Jeep?

To turn off the passive entry on a jeep, tap on the Settings option, scroll down, and choose Auto Door Locks. Uncheck the box on the right, and the system will automatically inactivate.

Final Thought

The Jeep Service Passive Entry System message in your jeep doesn’t need to give you a headache. You can resolve the problem yourself fast, depending on the cause of the problem. For instance, replacing the key fob battery or removing the negative battery terminal to reset the ECU is easy.

If your Jeep needs a software update, it is best to take it to the dealerships. Similarly, please take it to the dealer or seek an auto electrician’s assistance in case of an electrical issue. Hopefully, this article helped.

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