Jeep Parksense Unavailable Service Required Message: Causes & Fixes 

You have shifted your gear to reverse and see the message “Parksense (assist) Unavailable Service required.” What do you do?

First off, don’t panic! It is a common problem with most cars equipped with a parking sensor.

According to a TSB released by NHTSA (December 2013: 08-093-13 REV. A ), vehicles reported with the problem include,

  • 2013-2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2014 Dodge Durango
  • 2013-2014 Dodge Viper
  • 2013-2014 Ram 1500 Pickup
  • 2013-2014 Ram 2500 Pickup
  • 2013-2014 Ram 3500 Pickup

Other reported brands include Chrysler, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Lexus.

This article will discuss the meaning, sensor location, symptoms, and fixes for the Parksense Unavailable Service.

We will also take a look at common questions you may come across on your car’s park sensors. Let’s dive in!

What is the Parksense Unavailable Service Required Message?

Let’s begin with the keyword here, “parksense.” Parksense’s feature differs from your rearview camera feature.

Parksense uses sensors that guide the driver through parallel or perpendicular maneuvers and enhance the driving experience.

It is a semi-assisted feature that requires the driver to maintain control of the accelerator, brakes, and gear selection.

Furthermore, the sensor activates when you shift the gear to reverse. 

As you get closer to an object, it will alert you via a warning tone. The closer you are to the obstruction, the faster the sound chimes.

The Control unit throws an error when something is wrong with the parking sensor. 

For instance, damaged sensors, misalignment, or dirt may prevent the sensor from collecting reliable real-time data.

Where is the parksense sensor located?

The parksense feature uses a high-frequency sensor/proximity sensor installed on the rear and from the bumper of your car.

It resembles a small round button noticeable on the body of the car.

These park sensors emit acoustic waves or vibrations that bounce over an obstruction, allowing the ECU to measure the object’s distance.

The manufacturer place the sensor outside the front and rear bumper. 

It allows vibration sounds to bounce off the obstruction ahead.

Symptoms of the Parksense Unavailable Service Required Message

The symptoms of the parksense unavailable error message are quite obvious. You will get the error message displayed on your instrument cluster when the gear is in reverse gear.

You may also notice the following signs accompanying the error message. It includes:

  1. When pressing the Parallel and/or perpendicular park assist button, especially when the vehicle movement halts, the light will not illuminate 
  1. False park assists detection due to a faulty or dirty sensor. Also, ground reflection on XH3 or XH4 may cause false detection.
  1. You will get an error message “Active Parksense Temporarily unavailable when the driver tries to use PPPA (Parallel and/or Perpendicular Park Assist) Manoeuvre.
  1. Diagnosis will reveal DTC U045A-86 – Implausible Data Received From Parking Assist Module – Signal Invalid and/or a B2128-17 – Sensor Supply Voltage – Circuit Voltage Above Threshold set in the PAM.

If you notice these symptoms in your car, you likely have a faulty park sensor that needs it replaced.

Causes of the Parksense Unavailable Service Required Error Message

In most cases, dirt, snow, debris, and other foreign material may clog or cover the sensor’s surface, causing this error message.

You can fix this by cleaning the outer surface of the sensor. Also, clean underneath the bumper and clear any obstructions that may cause signal loss.

Furthermore, a damaged sensor may be responsible for the loss of signal. You consult a mechanic or technician and replace the faulty sensor.

Another cause of the error message is traceable to electrical / wiring issues. In some cases, the parking sensor expires and stops working.

We will look at some remedies and fixes to solve these causes.

How to diagnose the Parksense Unavailable Service Required Message

You will require an OBD II scan tool with appropriate and compatible diagnostic procedures available. 

The scan tool provides more evidence to back up the symptoms already suspected. 

For Parksense Unavailable service, you may find DTC B2128-17 – Sensor Supply voltage circuit above the threshold set in the PAM or U045A-86 – Implausible data Received from Parking Assist Module – Signal Invalid. 

Remedies for Parksense Unavailable Service Required

In a less severe scenario, you can resolve the error message by cleaning the surface and side of the sensor body. 

It is most probable that specks of dirt, snow or even mud have covered the sensor’s surface, causing it to malfunction or not work. 

If this doesn’t work, you may have to take a more technical approach, covered below. 

  1. Reprogram Pam with the latest software. It may be likely that your vehicle control unit runs on an obsolete version of the PAM. You can follow detailed instructions in the help instruction of your OBD II SCan tool diagnostic application.
  1. Perform a restore BCM Proxi configuration using your scan tool. You can access this via the “Vehicle Preparations” tab on the homepage of the scan tool.
  1. Turn off the car’s ignition and let it sleep for at least a minute.
  1. Turn on the ignition and clear all OBD II scan device stored codes.

Note: We recommend using a battery charger, so your battery voltage does not fall below 13.2 volts. Also, check that voltage doesn’t climb above 13.5 volts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use water to clean the sensor?

Yes, you can use warm tap water to rinse your sensor’s surface. It will not damage the sensor. We recommend you place the sensor detergent water for up to 2 minutes. It helps to neutralize the acid on its surface.


This article provides useful information to help you understand how to fix the parksense Unavailable service required message.

You should be able to identify the park sensors on your vehicle. Also, you should be able to identify symptoms and causes and fix this error message.

If you have tried all in the article but still face the error, visit your mechanic for a proper diagnosis. Thank you for reading!

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